About Ensemble Ballet Theatre

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Ensemble Ballet Theatre (EBT), located in Maple Valley, Washington, is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the cultural enrichment of the community through the dance arts. EBT was formed in 2002 with a mission to educate, promote, foster and encourage interest in all forms of dance to the general public, through full scale, large, professional style ballet productions. These productions are an affordable way to introduce children to the dance arts in a local venue accessible to students, families, and the elderly.


EBT offers a wonderful dance experience for young girls and boys aged nine and up. Participation in this company requires dedication and a lot of commitment.


It provides a sense of belonging for each of the dancers, through a mentoring program, as well as a way of staying connected to the community. It helps teens take pride in themselves and their achievements, promotes independence and fosters self-confidence.


Parent participation is required to make this organization work efficiently and effectively and

helps the dancers and their families stay close

by maintaining a common goal: the expression

of ones self through the love of dance. 


EBTs large scale productions are mostly ballet classics performed twice a year:

the Nutcracker in December and a spring ballet in May.


In addition to classical ballet, members dance experiences also include modern, hip hop, lyrical,

partnering and swing. EBT also performs at other smaller community events throughout the year.


EBT rehearsals, performances, classes and costumes are free to the dancers with only a nominal annual membership fee required. This allows membership by all qualified dancers and, therefore,

does not exclude anyone based on their ability to pay for expenses.


Additionally, EBT operates and depends entirely on parent volunteers and is funded

by ticket sales, fundraising, sponsorships and donations.







For donations and sponsorship opportunities and 

for the latest information on our upcoming performances., please contact us.