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Our History

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EBT was formed in 2002 with a mission to educate, promote, foster and encourage interest in all forms of dance.  Each year, EBT provides two full scale, large, professional style ballet productions in local venues accessible to students, families, and the elderly, and performs at other smaller community events throughout the year.  Offering a wonderful dance experience for young girls and boys aged nine and up, EBT provides experiences in classical ballet, contemporary, and partnering, as well as offerings in hip hop, tap, jazz and various other styles of dance.  EBT provides a sense of belonging for each of the dancers, through the bond developed within the company as well as our connection to the community.  It helps teens take pride in themselves and their achievements, promotes independence and fosters self-confidence.


In 2019, EBT embarked on an exciting expansion of our vision and mission by adding a dance school to our portfolio.  This enabled us to better support our performing division by providing a permanent home for our Theatre and dancers. Our new Academy of Dance gave EBT a springboard to provide richer educational services to our community, including an open, inclusive environment for dancers to focus on their technique and explore different dance styles.


In Spring of 2022, EBT evolved yet again when founding Artistic Director Kimberly Wooten stepped down to join the EBT Executive Board, and EBT named alumna McKenna Sevruk as its new Artistic Director.


Jenna Nelson, PNB Alum, reflects on her time with EBT:


Meet Artistic Director
McKenna Sevruk

McKenna Sevruk has been involved with dance for as long as she can remember, and Ensemble Ballet Theatre has been part of her life for almost as long.  Sevruk spent 10 years as a member of the company before graduating and continuing to dance while attending Western Washington University, where she also taught ballet classes at Bellingham’s Infinity Dance Company.  After returning to the Maple Valley area, she took an interest in the new EBT Academy of Dance which opened in July of 2019.  Sevruk began assisting with marketing the new studio, and eventually was hired as an instructor.


Sevruk’s roots in EBT made her the perfect choice to take the helm in 2022 following the departure of founding Artistic Director, Kim Wooten.  Not only does Sevruk have a deep personal connection to the history of the organization, her past experience in the company gives her insight as to exactly what the company means to it’s members.  She recalls, “EBT did not only teach me how to become a technical performer, but also showed me what it means to be loved and valued by my peers, my fellow dancers… everybody involved in EBT.”  It is this sense of belonging, a sense of family, that she looks forward to preserving as she moves forward.  So what are her goals for the company in the next few years?  The pandemic has been difficult for all arts organizations, EBT included.  “I would love to grow our Performance Division, plan to recruit additional instructors for our Academy in order to broaden our class offerings, and market EBT in a way to make the community more aware of the benefits we offer to area students,” Sevruk explains. 


Transitions are always difficult, but Sevruk has jumped at the opportunity and so far, she’s moving full speed ahead.  EBT’s member dancers are thrilled to have an Artistic Director who is an alumna and knows the company well.  Sevruk is well-positioned to maintain existing systems as she transitions into the role, while adding her own twist to the artistic direction of the company.  “We’ll see where the future takes us,” Sevruk says with a smile. “I’m just excited to have the chance to be a part of it.”

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