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Pointe Technique 


Pre-Pointe is a strength and foot flexibility-building course to prepare dancers for getting their first pair of pointe shoes. Dancers must receive teacher permission to register for this class, and will have likely been enrolled in leveled ballet classes for at least four years before taking Pre-Pointe. 

Pointe 4

Pointe 4 is the EBT Academy of Dance's beginning pointe class. Dancers will learn to sew their pointe shoes, properly and safely break in their pointe shoes, and exercise beginning pointe technique at the barre. When dancers are strong enough, they will be given permission to work away from the barre. Dancers will likely spend at least two years in Pointe 4 before moving up to Pointe 5/6. 

Pointe 5/6

Pointe 5/6 is our intermediate and advanced pointe class. If given permission to enroll in this class, dancers are confident in dancing away from the barre and progressing to moving across the floor. Pointe 5 dancers will be perfecting their center technique, while Pointe 6 dancers will begin exploring their performance capabilities. Pointe 5/6 classes will adapt accordingly to the improvement and progress of its students over time. 

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