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Ensemble Ballet Theatre Academy of Dance Classes

View class descriptions and expectations below.

Ballet technique at the Ensemble Ballet Theatre Academy of Dance is viewed as the foundation of all dance. It is a highly technical form of dance with an emphasis on discipline, memorization of terminology, proper body placement, and poised artistic performance. 

Contemporary classes at Ensemble Ballet Theatre Academy of Dance have a combined technical and artistic focus on ballet, jazz and modern dance. These classes will explore the control and isolation of movement, emotional expression, extension, turns, leaps and more. 

Hip Hop at Ensemble Ballet Theatre Academy of Dance is an open class for dancers who are beginning their journey with Hip Hop.  You can expect to learn foundational Hip Hop steps to upbeat music and have a great time. 

Pointe technique will become accessible to dancers after several years of classical ballet training and permission from their instructors. Dancing en pointe is both exciting and demanding and will require dancers to apply themselves wholly in pursuit of strength, resilience and artistry. 

Ensemble Ballet Theatre Academy of Dance offers jazz classes that explore several styles of jazz technique including street jazz, Broadway jazz, jazz-funk, and more. Jazz technique focuses mainly on rhythmically complex and syncopated movements in correlation with lively, upbeat music. Jazz is set apart from other, more traditional styles of dance in its dynamic turns, leaps and progressions. 

Our combination Classes offer Ballet and Tap for our youngest dancers at the Ensemble Ballet Theatre Academy of Dance. Combo classes will introduce beginning Ballet and Tap terminology, rhythm and musicality, and recalling choreography to perform! 

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